Foreigner Marriage

Foreigner marriage is governed by the Special Marriage Act, 1954 .  A foreigner must have stayed in India for a period of 30 days before applying to get married. You need to produce a certificate from authorities to prove that you have stayed in the country for more than 30 days. It is not necessary to apply for Indian citizenship in order to get married. You will need to consult with an advocate or consulting agency for paper work 

After doing all your necessary paperwork, you will then submit a notice of intended marriage to the closest local registry office. Before submitting the notice, you must present evidence of residence in India, which will be issued by the Police. Plus, you will present copies to prove your age, residence, nationality , passport etc.. 

You will be required to sign 3 copies of your notice of intended marriage. You will also confirm your address and names to the registrar. If after 30 days period, there is no objection to your documentation, you will then be legally married to an Indian citizen.

The paperwork or documents to present depends largely on the type of wedding you intend to have. On the average, the following documentation will be required before your wedding day; 

  • Proof of Residency and Address in India for at least 30 days. You should have this document before you apply to the registry.
  • A valid passport .
  • Age proof
  • Document indicating your length of stay
  • Certificate of Single Status or no impediment indicating that you’ve not been married before.
  • Passport sized photographs

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